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Finding an Affirming Therapist

ADVICE Finding an Affirming Therapist Finding a therapist may seem daunting, so here are some helpful tips when conducting research. Finding an affirming therapist. Affirming, competent mental health therapists are available to support and help you heal.   Here are some helpful tips to consider [...]

Finding an Affirming Therapist2022-06-17T20:06:24+00:00

Honesty vs. Transparency

RELATIONSHIPS Honesty vs. Transparency in Relationships Did you know that there was a huge difference between honesty and transparency in a relationship? Honesty vs. Transparency If you have relationships, you know firsthand that no one is perfect, and that we make mistakes. How we discuss these situations [...]

Honesty vs. Transparency2022-05-13T05:18:42+00:00

4 Ways to Spot Toxic Behavior

RELATIONSHIPS How to Spot Toxic Behavior Toxic behavior signs to watch out for and ask yourself the following questions. What is toxic behavior? Toxic people are everywhere and you're bound to come across them. What you need to ask yourself is, “What is toxic behavior?”. Toxic relationships [...]

4 Ways to Spot Toxic Behavior2022-05-13T00:52:55+00:00

How to spot love bombing

RELATIONSHIPS How to Spot Love Bombing Signs to watch out for and why it's unhealthy Love bombing explained: Love bombing is a manipulation for control and power in a romantic relationship. Signs you may be getting love bombed. The relationship feels like it is [...]

How to spot love bombing2022-05-12T07:21:07+00:00

Welcome New Hire, Caroline Martinez!

Welcome New Hire, Caroline Martinez! We are thrilled to introduce our newest clinical staff member, Caroline Martinez! Keep reading to hear more about Caroline Martinez, LPC-A. Hello! My name is Caroline Martinez and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with [...]

Welcome New Hire, Caroline Martinez!2021-09-20T18:45:33+00:00

Commentary on the 5 Stages of Grief Recovery

Commentary on the 5 Stages of Grief Recovery Looking at the 5 Stages of Grief Recovery, Jacqui Bozeman, LPC-A at West Lake Houston Counseling provides commentary on Good Therapy Article regarding grief. I have been doing a lot of reading, training, and personal research on grief recently because of the times that [...]

Commentary on the 5 Stages of Grief Recovery2021-02-26T20:48:44+00:00

9 Strategies for Virtual Learning During The Pandemic

9 Strategies for Digital Learning During The Pandemic Navigating the times during COVID has brought with it many unique challenges. One of the major challenges that both parents and children have found themselves facing is virtual learning. In March of 2020, many kids found themselves happy to be getting a “break” from [...]

9 Strategies for Virtual Learning During The Pandemic2021-02-10T20:25:52+00:00

Dealing with grief during Covid-19

Dealing with grief during Covid-19 Speaking with LPC-A Jacqlyn Bozeman, from West Lake Houston Counseling, we discuss dealing with grief during Covid-19. Jacqlyn is a Telehealth therapist currently accepting clients. She works with families that have experienced trauma and clients who are victims of crime. This Q&A delves into grief and loss [...]

Dealing with grief during Covid-192021-01-24T01:12:57+00:00
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