Dealing with grief during Covid-19

Speaking with LPC-A Jacqlyn Bozeman, from West Lake Houston Counseling, we discuss dealing with grief during Covid-19.
Jacqlyn is a Telehealth therapist currently accepting clients. She works with families that have experienced trauma and clients who are victims of crime.
This Q&A delves into grief and loss and its relationship with Covid-19. See how she defines grief, what can cause grief, and the process most people experience. Grief is unique for everyone and how you process can determine how you deal with grief.
If you are experiencing grief or need help with different approaches. Please call us today.

Mental Health Moment: What is Good Therapy?

Mental Health Moment Series pertains to therapy and the world of mental health matters. We offer tools and tips for managing mental wellness and offer relevant resources.

We created this video because finding a therapist can be difficult, especially for first-timers. Watch the video below for tips on things to consider when looking for a therapist and what that relationship will look like.

Note: Mental Health Moment is not a substitute for mental health therapy. If you think you may benefit from therapy we strongly advise you to seek out those services.

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