Associate and Trainee

This is a great question, and yes, they can get confusing! An “associate” is a provisionally licensed therapist who has completed a master’s level program and in the process of completing their remaining clinical hours that apply to full licensure. In the course of their graduate study, they successfully completed a full practicum and clinical internship. Associates work under clinical supervision until completing their remaining clinical hours.

Therapist trainees are professionals who are currently enrolled in a rigorous graduate-level counseling program and who have a background in human service. Therapist trainees are in a working agreement between their university and West Lake Houston Counseling. Their services are offered on a sliding scale in an effort to make quality therapy more accessible to the community.

At West Lake Houston Counseling, the Clinical Director, Devaney Knight, LMFT-S supervises all therapist trainees. This means you will have the benefit of two therapists helping with your case instead of one! Although this support happens in the background of your sessions, you can know that you are getting a high-quality level of care to achieve your therapy goals.