There can be great comfort found in talking to someone you already know, however, therapists have the professional training and experience to work with various problems sets from an array of perspectives. As licensed therapists, we can offer a level of support that fosters and encourages development of new skills and prompts insight and perspective on your part. We can also provide feedback as you desire and will offer a safe and nonjudgmental presence with each session you attend. You would not have to worry about someone else’s opinions being pushed on you, or being told what to do in a given situation. Furthermore, therapy is confidential (with few limits). Therapists are bound by laws that are in place to protect your privacy as a client. There are few relationships in life where strict confidentiality is guaranteed. When talking with friends or family members about personal problems, the risk of disclosure of your problems to outside people is present – even when loved ones mean no harm. This can have negative effects on relationships.