When it comes to couple’s therapy, it is frequent that one of you is more motivated than the other to start the process. However, if you would both like to work with the same therapist, we can begin therapy with the two of you together. Please note: when working with couples, we hold a strict “no secrets policy.” This means that we will not hold secret information of one of you from the other within the context of couple’s therapy.

Some people decide that they would like to continue working with the therapist individually once they have finished couple’s therapy. Should you decide this is right for you, the therapist could only work with one of you. Due to potential trust issues, it is not helpful to begin couple’s therapy after individual therapy with the same therapist.

Ultimately, your therapist will provide recommendations as to the type of therapy that is likely to be the most beneficial to both of you should couple’s therapy not be the appropriate fit to address current problems. Sometimes, individual therapy is a more appropriate treatment to treat relationships rather than couple’s therapy. Your therapist will discuss more of this with you.