Mental Health Moment: Do I Need Therapy?

We live in a time where people are asking, “Do I need therapy?” Watch this video and ask yourself the questions provided to discover if you might need therapy.

Here at West Lake Houston Counseling, we are therapists specializing in various issues. We invite you to reach out to us today if you feel that you or your child may benefit from personal therapy. Common areas we treat as therapists include anxiety, depression, life changes that are hard to adjust to, family troubles, relationship complications, or work issues.

Mental Health Moment Series pertains to therapy and the world of mental health matters. We offer tools and tips for managing mental wellness and offer relevant resources.

Note: Mental Health Moment is not a substitute for mental health therapy. If you think you may benefit from therapy we strongly advise you to seek out those services.

Feeling like you could use a little bit of therapy in your life?

There are always barriers to treatment in the African American community. Barriers such as the mental health stigma in black households. Lack of adequate insurance coverage. Lack of culturally-suitable providers, provider bias & inequality of care. As a result, we are less likely to seek out mental health therapy.

The stigma in black households that mental health therapy is unnecessary when research proves otherwise, for instance, it has made us feel that seeking help makes us weak. First, we must lift the stigma in the black community that talking about mental health is taboo. Second, we must use our platforms to educate people on the importance of therapeutic care.

Likewise, being able to find culturally competent can be difficult for black women and men to find that feels like they meet their needs and understands their struggles. If you are looking for a culturally competent black female therapist near you, here at West Lake Houston Counseling we create a space to meet your needs.

Once you get past these barriers, you may question if you in fact do need therapy.  It’s no secret that we could all use a little therapy sometimes. Here are some easy tips to find just the right fit: Go slow. Don’t be rash or impulsive, choose someone who feels like a good fit—someone you’re comfortable with.

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