Finding an Affirming Therapist

ADVICE Finding an Affirming Therapist Finding a therapist may seem daunting, so here are some helpful tips when conducting research. Finding an affirming therapist. Affirming, competent mental health therapists are available to support and help you heal.   Here are some helpful tips to consider [...]

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Welcome New Hire, Caroline Martinez!

Welcome New Hire, Caroline Martinez! We are thrilled to introduce our newest clinical staff member, Caroline Martinez! Keep reading to hear more about Caroline Martinez, LPC-A. Hello! My name is Caroline Martinez and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with [...]

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5 Tips for Navigating a Distanced Holiday

5 Tips for Navigating a Distanced Holiday The Thanksgiving holiday is associated with contact and fellowship with family and friends. This year, COVID-19 has overshadowed numerous birthdays, life events such as weddings, and other opportunities to come together and celebrate. The recent spike in new COVID-19 cases reminds us that we [...]

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Depression in Black Women

Depression in Black Women Depression in Black Women is often overlooked. It can not only impact your mental health but physical health as well. But this is not something we have to 'just deal with'. There is help. Seeking treatment is not a sign of weakness. Saying, “I need help”—and then actually [...]

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Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression Dealing with Depression is tough. See the signs and symptoms. "Depressive symptoms typically include loss of interest in things that would normally be enjoyable. If you have difficulty concentrating, fatigue, loss of appetite, increased need for sleep, and more, you might be depressed. Recognizing and helping someone to seek [...]

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Mother’s Struggling with Addiction

Mother’s Struggling with Addiction Life in recovery is a moment-to-moment effort. The journey to recovery is not easy, we applaud your efforts in taking back your life and getting back to your kids. It will be difficult but you do not have to go through it alone. See this article; a firsthand [...]

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20 Effective Communication Techniques

20 Effective Communication Techniques Do you struggle with feeling heard when you communicate with others? Here are some techniques you can use now to improve your skills. Maintain eye contact. This shows active listening. Maintain appropriate body language. Consider whether nonverbal techniques could confuse, promote, or negate the message. Use people’s names. Using someone’s name [...]

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5 Tips for Mental Self-Care in a Toxic Work Environment

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