How often will we meet?


Therapy is effective when it is consistent. We should meet regularly during the beginning stages of our work together (weekly). When you begin to see improvements, we can meet less frequently for maintenance.

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How should I prepare for a video session?


Because therapy must be private and confidential, you should find a quiet space alone with minimal distractions. Video therapy is different from office-based therapy in that both the therapist and the client need to work together to ensure the therapy remains private. You are encouraged to use a computer, if possible. Placing yourself on [...]

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Where will we meet?


You have the option of being seen at one of our local offices, or via telehealth for video sessions.

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I have an insurance plan that has an out-of-network benefit. Can I use that?


If you have out-of-network coverage with another insurance company, you can check your benefits coverage using the form below. We've partnered with Mentaya, a service that streamlines getting reimbursed for your therapy sessions through out-of-network benefits. Mentaya is perfect if you: Have out of network benefits Feel overwhelmed by superbills and insurance. Have submitted [...]

I have an insurance plan that has an out-of-network benefit. Can I use that?2024-03-22T08:51:06+00:00

Are you on insurance panels?


My insurance caseload is currently full and I am only able to offer therapy services via private pay arrangement.

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